Bridge Builders

Pastor L. E. Anderson Jr. invites you to become a Bridge Builder!

What is a Bridge Builder? A Bridge Builder are those individuals, Churches, Organizations, or Charities that believe in the F.D. Reese Academy and have set aside funds to distribute to the F. D. Reese Christian Academy Annually (weekly, monthly, quarterly or a reoccurring yearly monetary gift).

Bridge Builders are those who believe in creating an educational atmosphere that will challenge our children to reach for academic excellence; a place where the name of Jesus is not resented, but taught as a reality and a sure foundation to all of life’s challenges.

Bridge Builders are those who see the worth of a disciplined scholastic environment where prayer is embraced and the expectation to excel is fostered and nurtured.

Bridge Builders are those who see the relevance of having a Christ centered educational structure where our children can grow up knowing and appreciating the Word of God.

Bridge Builders are those who can see that our children will be competing globally for jobs and must be on the cutting edge of technology and have a firm foundation on mathematics, science, languages, etc.

Our Academy is not federally funded; it relies on the tuition of the students and the generosity of those who believe in the Mission and Vision of the Academy. Believing strongly in the need for independence of restrictive guidelines that would prevent us from using the name of Jesus and presenting the Bible as the Authority that should govern everything we do, we prayerfully declined certain federal assistance.

Partner with me today and become a Bridge Builder!

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Fundraising Drive!

Praise God that we have been faithfully serving this community for the past 6 years.

Can you please support the school by joining our drive?

Go to the Give tab and sign up by filling out the support form

Mail your donations directly to the school

FD Reese Christian Academy

1599 E Sycamore St

Kokomo, IN 46901

Or use the Paypal donation link below.

Corporate fundraising drive"

Our Academy is a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, so your donation is fully tax-deductible. Your business will also be mentioned on our website. 

Please call our office 765-459-5201 for details.