F.D. Reese Christian Academy Parents’ Code:

Our parents play a vital part in the total program of F.D. Reese Christian Academy. Cooperation between the school and parents is foundational to the best education for the child. We believe that the following code, when subscribed to by all our parents, would make F.D. Reese Christian Academy a school, which would truly honor the Lord and produce the finest education possible.

1. I will pray regularly for the teachers and administration of F.D. Reese Christian Academy.

2. I will cooperate fully in the educational function of FDRCA, do- ing my best to make Christian education effective in the lives of each of my children, that they may love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ for all their lives.

3. I will pay all my financial obligations to the school on or before the date they are due. If I am ever unable to pay on time, I will no- tify the school in advance, giving reasonable explanation for the delay and stating when the payment can be made.

4. I will assume volunteer duties and responsibilities for FDRCA as opportunities arise and as God provides the strength and time.

5. I will attend periodic meetings and parents’ functions of the school.

6. If I become dissatisfied with FDRCA in any respect, I will try to resolve the matter with the person or persons involved rather than spreading criticism or holding a negative attitude in my heart. I will not criticize the school before my children. I will follow the biblical commands found in Matthew 18.

7. I will seek the advancement of FDRCA in all areas: spiritually, academically, and physically.

8. As an FDRCA parent, I recognize it is my privilege and responsibility to strive diligently toward observance of the above as God enables me by the power of His Holy Spirit.